New General Government of the Missionaries Sisters of the Precious Blood (or of Mariannhill) [CPS]

New general government of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood (or of Mariannhill). From left to right: Sr. Monica Mary Ncube, CPS [Superior General], Sr. Caroline Mjomba, CPS [first Assistant and Vicar General], Sr. Walburga Ballhausen, CPS [second Assistant and Secretary General], Sr. Marguerite Marie Uy, CPS [third Assistant] and Sr. Ursel Beyerle, CPS [fourth Assistant].      PHOTO BY: FR. IVO BURKHARDT, CMM

     In August and September of this year the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood (or of Mariannhill) celebrated their 13th General Chapter in Shillington, Pennsylvania, USA. During the sessions of the said chapter our sisters (re)elected their general government team.

On the 2nd September 2017 Sr. Monica Mary Ncube, CPS, was elected as Superior General. Born in Zimbabwe, she also has a Canadian passport. Until her election she was living in Toronto, Canada, and was serving as Provincial Superior of the North America Province [USA and Canada].

Two days later, on the 4th September 2017, Sr. Caroline Mjomba, CPS, from Kenya, was elected as first Assistant and Vicar General. Until her election she was the Provincial Superior of the Province of Eastern Africa, which includes Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar, and the Nuba Mountains region in Sudan. On that same day Sr. Ursel Beyerle, CPS, a German national, was also elected as fourth assistant. Since 2009 she has been the Regional Superior of the Mother House of the Sisters in the Netherlands.

On September 3rd 2017 the second and the third Assistants were elected: Sr. Walburga Ballhausen, CPS, a German national, who will continue to reside in Rome as Secretary General, and Sr. Marguerite Marie Uy, CPS, of Filipino and Canadian nationality, who will also continue to reside in Rome, where she was already a member of the previous government team.

The installation ceremony of this new government team was held in Rome on October 14th 2017. Let us pray for them, begging for those gifts that come from above and that will be especially necessary for them in order to fulfill their task in the service of the mission of the Church.

The Congregation of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, or of Mariannhill, was founded on September 8th 1885 by the Servant of God, Abbot Francis Pfanner, founder of the Trappist Monastery of Mariannhill, which was the cradle of another Congregation, the Missionaries of Mariannhill.

Fr. Lino Herrero Prieto CMM

These five candles, lit from the paschal candle and placed on the altar, represent the lives of the five Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood (or of Mariannhill), who make up the new general government of their congregation, and whose installation took place on October 14th 2017. PHOTO by: FR. PATRICK CHONGO, CMM