Two Joyful Celebrations of Mariannhill in Spain

February 1st, 2015:
Ordination of Deacon of Frt. Thomas

1 Ordination of Frt. Tomás as a deacon-Promise of obedienceA missionary of Mariannhill, Frt Thomas Camissone Guetsane CMM, was ordained deacon on Sunday February 1st, 2015. The celebration, presided by the Bishop of Salamanca, Mons. Carlos López Hernández, took place in the parish church of Saint John of Sahagún of the city Salamanca.

The freezing weather did not prevent the arrival of a large assembly of people in the parish church, composed of friends and benefactors of Mariannhill Family and of Frt Thomas.

The celebration began at 18H00 with the entrance procession. The readings were taken from the Fourth Sunday of the Ordinary Time. In light of those readings, Mons. Carlos encouraged the one who was about to be ordained deacon, to became a servant of Christ, a servant of the Church and of humankind.

2 Ordination of Frt. Tomás as a deacon-Song of the litanies of the SaintsFollowing the Rite of Ordination, highlight moments of the celebration were the singing of the Litany, the promise of celibacy, the laying on of hands and the long prayer of ordination, the imposition of the dalmatic and hand over of the Book of the Gospels.

The choir composed of young people of the parishes of Saint John of Sahagún and of Our Lady of Fatima as well as some of Mariannhill Missionaries, was in charge of animating the celebration with songs in Spanish, Portuguese and some African languages.

At the end of the celebration, the new deacon addressed the assembly in these words, which summarize the feelings, which at that moment filled the heart of Frt. Thomas:

3 Ordination of Frt. Tomás as a deacon-Laying of hands

Dear Brothers and Sisters: At the end of this celebration so special to me, let me open my heart to you and in a nutshell express my gratitude.
First, I thank God for the life and health, for the faith and the vocation.
I also want to thank in a very special way, my parents for the support, education and guidance they gave me. They already have left for the Father’s House. I hope they are enjoying the peace of that House, towards which all of us are walking.
My thanks to the Bishop of Salamanca, who has agreed to be here today with the Family of Mariannhill and ordain me as a deacon. Thank you very much, Mons. Carlos.

5 Ordination of Frt. Tomás as a deacon-with some friendsThanks also to Fr Lino, our Regional Superior, for your brotherly and fatherly accompaniment leading to this ordination. I feel blessed that this ordination takes place on the eve of the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, the principal feast of our Congregation.

My thanks to the formators who have journeyed with me since my arrival in Spain, about four years ago. They have helped and continue to help me to grow in all aspects of my life: human and intellectual, Christian and spiritual, religious and missionary.

Thanks also to the priests of this parish, D. Fernando, D. José and D. Juan Manuel, where I have always felt welcomed and loved.

My thanks to the confreres of my Congregation, peers on the same journey: we walk together, overcoming obstacles and difficulties on the way.

6 Ordination of Frt. Tomás as a deacon-with some members of the Region and friendsI heartily thank the choir, who with selflessness and generosity are always ready to assist us in our celebrations.

And to all of you, who are present here, and all those who are absent, thank you very much. In one way or another you have contributed to my life, making me who I am today. From all of you I’ve learned something.

I ask you all, dear brothers and sisters, to continue praying for my vocation, so that Jesus Christ may be always my light, guide and protector and that I may follow him ever more closely.

February 2nd, 2015:
Principal Solemnity of the Congregation

7 Feast of the 2nd February-Renewal of vows of the three FratresAt noon on the 2nd of February, the principal feast of the Congregation, the Missionaries of Mariannhill in Spain celebrated in the chapel of our house in Salamanca a festive Eucharist, in which our confreres in temporary vows, Frt Geronimo Ramos Matimbe CMM, Frt Innocent Shava CMM and Frt Filipe Abilio Lenço CMM renewed their religious consecration for another year. During the same celebration everyone in the Region confirmed their religious consecration, renewing their love for Christ, for Mary, for the Church and for the Congregation.

9 Feast of the 2nd February-Frts. Innocent and Filipe before the processionIn the evening, at the door of our chapel, we had the blessing of the candles. With lit candles in our hands and accompanying the statue of the Mother of Mariannhill, we went in procession from the chapel to the parish church of Our Lady of Fatima where we celebrated the Eucharist.

Jesus is the light destined to enlighten the nations. But Jesus gives light to the nations through the arms of Mary, who having received him, has presented and delivered him to us. Mary was the first one to raise before us Jesus the light of our hearts and our lives. This role of Mary in the history of salvation has become a fundamental rule of action for those who have received the Light of His Son. As missionaries of Mariannhill, we are tasked with the joyful work to present and deliver the Light of Jesus to the nations.

P Lino Herrero Prieto CMM